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Post Workout-Shakes & Recovery Supplements

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Recovery is the body's ability to regenerate after exercise. The faster the recovery, the more gains you'll experience. Nutrition is extremely important for a proper recovery. If you don't have a solid diet you won't grow, no matter how hard you train.

Sports supplements can help compensate a deficit diet and put you back on the right track. You can choose from our high-quality comprehensive list of protein powders and much more.

How to speed up muscle recovery post-workout

Your first priority once you finish your workout is to have a rich protein-carbohydrate meal. Your meal should have at least 25 g of high-quality protein and 60 to 80 g of fast-acting carbohydrates. This will allow for a proper glycogen replenishment as well as kick-start muscle protein synthesis.

No matter how crazy your workouts are, you won't grow if your diet is lacking an adequate amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates. You would have just wasted your time and energy in vain.

How long do your muscles take to recover post-workout?

It is important to understand that every person has their own recovery time. Each body has a unique response to post-exercise stress. This concept is known as 'biochemical individuality'. 

There are people who need to give a rest day every two workout days. Others, on the other hand, can cope well with resting one day every three workout days.The more experienced athletes (with more than 5 years weight training) will require even less time to recover between workouts (two or one rest days per week).

It's up to each person to know their body and monitor it to allow for a proper recovery time. If you feel your energy levels to be low while working out, it could be the case you're not allowing enough recovery time. Take some days off the gym, eat well and you'll be ready to face the weights again at full strength.

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