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Weight Loss Shakes

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Some people might find hard to commit to a diet plan for weeks and, sometimes, even months. We recognize dieting can be a difficult task. That's why we developed high-quality nutritional products that can aid you with your weight loss challenge. 

High protein diet & weight loss shakes 

Losing weight is a matter of energy balance. If your daily energy expenditure (calories spent) exceeds your daily energy consumption (calories ingested) you've just created the perfect scenario for weight loss.

Only by maintaining an energy deficit over a period of time it's possible to win the war against the scale. But there's more into it than merely calorie counting. Your diet plan must also take into account the amount of protein ingested.

High-protein diets are the best when it comes to lose weight effectively. As science shows, reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing protein consumption (up to 2 g per kg of body weight) can jump-start your metabolism throughout the day, therefore making it easier to burn fat and lose weight (*1), (*2), (*3).

Choose foods with a low glycemic index

Foods can be classified according to how fast they increase blood sugar levels after being ingested. This is called the 'Glycemic index'(GI). Foods that cause a rapid increase of glucose in the bloodstream will have a high GI. On the other hand, foods that tend to cause a softer fluctuation of the blood sugar levels will be classified as low glycemic index.

Low-GI foods, unlike foods with high GI, reduce hunger and keep you filled for longer - therefore, they are the best choice for any dieter trying to lose weight.

High fiber foods help to lose weight

Fiber is a non-digestible carbohydrate comprised of a chain of sugar molecules. Its particular structure prevents the body to digest it.Consequently, dietary fiber will go through the digestive tract without being absorbed.

There are two types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is particularly interesting for anyone looking to lose weight.It dissolves in water, forming a gel in the stomach. This gel fills up the stomach and so delays gastric emptying. This means high soluble fiber foods can fill you up for longer and keep you away from food cravings. 

Soluble fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, oats, nuts and legumes (beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils and soy).


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,cure, or prevent any disease.
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