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Blends & Formulas

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Our blends and formulas are there to raise your performance – we have workout supplements to help you achieve your gym goals, whether that’s losing weight, building muscle or improving overall fitness.

Why should you choose our blends and formulas?

You put your body through its paces during a workout – our specially designed blends and formulas are there to give you the boost you need to keep pushing further, and start repairing after.

By delivering the right proteins, nutrients and carbohydrates, we make sure nothing holds you back from smashing your targets.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect pre- or post-workout supplement, our blends are available in a huge range of delicious flavors, and will work with your body to help you close down on your gym goals.

What's the right blend and formula for you?

Our blends and formulas can help you at various points in your workout regime.

Before a workout

Check out our pre-workout supplement range to get your session off to a powerful start. These formulas are designed to help maintain your electrolyte balance and give you an all-important energy boost.

Citrulline Malate is one of our best pre-workout supplements, and it contains nitric oxide to speed up the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

During workout

These supplements are perfect for endurance activities like running and cycling, where you rapidly lose water and electrolytes, which can hold back your performance and weaken your body. Formulas like our MyAmino Boost will replace the amino acids your body breaks down during a workout – supporting muscle growth and recovery.


Our post-workout supplements are there to help your body recover after exercise. Nutrition is essential for a proper recovery, and taking high-quality supplements like our Impact
Protein Blend
will contribute to muscle repair and growth. Simply mix up a shake in your favorite flavor and you’ll be ready to return the gym again and again. 

Building muscle

Our protein blends are perfect for building muscle. We use a variety of protein sources to suit any dietary need, from whey protein concentrate to pea protein to micellar casein. For an elite blend, try our innovative Thewhey, a delicious, convenient shake that will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.  

Gaining mass

For bulking up, head over to our weight gain supplements for huge products that pack a punch. Bursting with calories, carbs, fiber and protein, they’ll help you get on track to start gaining mass – begin with a breakfast of Total Oats and Whey, or liven up shakes with Peanut Butter.

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