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High-Protein Foods

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Take training to the next level with our high-protein snacks – we have a great range of delicious, nutritious and sugar-free protein treats to enjoy during workouts, or just as part of your daily diet.

What are high-protein foods?

Whether you want to gain mass or just feel stronger in the gym, upping your protein intake is essential. Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, so it plays an important role in keeping your workout on track and getting you the results you want.

Getting enough protein into your daily routine can be difficult, but we’re making it simple with our high-protein snacks that’ll instantly raise your intake. From Protein Popcorn to Organic Coated Pumpkin Seeds to Peanut Butter – these delicious treats are guilt-free and easy-to-consume, helping you hit your targets even when you’re on the go.

When to use our high-protein foods?

Our snacks are perfect any time of day!

Indulge in a Protein Cookie with your mid-morning coffee or enjoy BeefJerky when the cravings kick in after lunch – our range will provide an important boost of protein to your diet, without the fuss of preparing or cooking extra meals. 

Which high-protein foods are for you?

With so many to choose from, you might not know where to start! So here’s a quick break down:

For the gym

Fuel your workout with our high-protein, high-carb snacks, such as Protein Cookies or a bowl of Instant Oats, and enjoy an energy boost that’ll last your whole session.  

Daily diet

Take our guilt-free treats wherever you go and get a tasty protein hit whenever you need! Our sugar-free, high-protein snacks like Beef Jerky, Organic Chia Seeds and Organic Coated Pumpkin Seeds can be enjoyed at home, work or the gym.  

Something special

With our Protein Popcorn, Protein Cookies and seasonal Advent Calendars – you won’t have to miss out on any occasion! These delicious treats feel like indulgence, but they won’t undo your hard work at the gym. Whether you’re having a movie day or just in need of a pick-me-up – we’ve got you covered.

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